Welcome to Amplify!

A community of visionaries working together to build a new earth matrix of Oneness.

Welcome to the Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance learning portal.

Gain support from your peers, learn new skills and build alliances. Learn to deeply trust your inner voice as you align your heart with your soul path in a supportive light-filled community.

You may discover, as we did, a new way of shifting the paradigm of power and control-based systems is to live from the heart of who and what we are: light expressing through our shared humanity. 

We invite you to join us.

We are a community of visionaries, healers, musicians, mystics, sound healers, innovators—all world servers—that serve as catalysts for positive change. We are healers, teachers, transformers, light amplifiers, all working toward fulfillment of inner peace, well being and prosperity for all beings, in all realms. We are anchoring Light using new paradigm practices, and building a grid of Light communities that embrace oneness as a way of life. 

If you have been holding the vision of community where sharing your innermost heart's desire with others and building a new paradigm of what it means to be in community, then consider joining us. The Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance (SOSA) has been formed for expressly that purpose. Our mission is to build a global grid of oneness and then to grow a matrix of light communities, all working as one, for deeply listening to the inner voice, and implementing governance practices based on self-referral, mutually shared respect, generosity and selflessness. 

The project of SOSA is to grow an alliance of visionaries and world servers for building Light Centers in energetically key locations. The Alliance provides sacred space for the exploration of self expression in the midst of the collective wisdom. This Alliance as a place for learning, growing, and building the new earth systems that honor all beings everywhere.

"In all the years I have been serving, the one thing my light brothers and sisters tell me is that they are lacking their light tribe, people, like themselves, who are awakened to the Truth and have made a commitment to live that Truth.  This community is focused on the amplification of the purity of heart, and selfless service. Is this yours to do?"

~ Visionholder, Carol Fitzpatrick 

The community space is a secure portal where we gather.

Light Community is the feeling and knowing of oneness, as expressed and exemplified as we gather and hold space for one another. This shared mission is what makes this work so rewarding. All are working as One to create a global shift in consciousness. Our work is our play as we deeply listen to what is ours to do, both individually and as a collective. We are always guided to focus on the most immediate next step knowing that we are so loved as we are guided as we courageously step out on faith and honor our truth.

We provide educational opportunities that support growth & expansion.

We are living in a period of endings: of everything that has not worked, that has caused separation, strife and animosity among people. We are also simultaneously living in a period of beginnings. A new earth consciousness is coalescing, one that honors generosity, sharing of resources and true compassion. The choice to transcend is upon us.

The educational tools and shared learning experiences are designed specifically to help you to ascend into higher states of consciousness by dropping fear-based patterns as we each encourage one another to shine our own light into the world. 

Join on on-going skill-building and support Circle, take a transformational or community building Course, and / or join a team or Council as we work to uphold the core frequency as we are so guided by the Star Elders. 

We are here to amplify Light as we embody Oneness as a way of life.

Throughout the ages, the indigenous peoples of the world have embodied a spirit of deep connection and commitment to maintaining the viability of the Earth for future generations. Honoring the wisdom of the indigenous, we recognize that there is no issue more important or compelling than that of ensuring a sustainable world for future generations. Our clear calling is to provide this highest service to humanity and to foster the level of cohesion that occurs when all are working together as one.

If this is yours to do, we welcome your presence.